Des questions?

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Preparation of an Election

Can we choose the start and end date of the election?
Can we hide the results page from the voters?
I see that a maintenance is ongoing on Belenios. Will I still have access to my election? How can I be notified?
Can we set up an election where voters have a different number of votes (for example, the president of a club may have a number of votes that depend on the number of members)?
Can I delegate my vote to another voter? (proxy voting)
Can we rank the candidates?
If I encounter difficulties, is there any way to get online help?
Is there a limit on the number of voters?
There is some nice feature missing!
What if I want more help?

During the election

I created an election but I forgot a voter! Do I have a way to add it back, or even to modify erroneous email addresses?
One of my voters did not receive the emails with the identifiers and voting codes. Is it possible to resend them?
I was able to vote twice, is this normal?
I've seen that I must accept cookies to vote, why?
A decryption authority has lost its key, what should I do?


Is it mandatory to choose a decryption authority?
Is it possible to check the result of the election "by hand", as one would do in a traditional election by counting the ballots for each candidate?
What's the point in letting voters vote several times?
Why do you allow authentication with Google and not other services? Why don't you propose the Education/Research identity federation as RENATER does?
Can Belenios be used for high stake elections?
Why not use an anonymous survey tool, such as Google form or LimeSurvey?

Installation of your own Belenios server

What are the recommendations in terms of OS, disk RAM, etc. when you want to install a local instance?
Once the server is installed, what are the tests to be performed to check that everything is ok (security, etc...)?
What is the procedure for performing updates if needed?
I tried to set up Belenios but bootstrapping fails.