Belenios documentation

Protocol specification

Belenios comes with a protocol specification. This specification provides all cryptographic as well as formatting details. It might be used for example to built your own verifier. A more high level description of Belenios and some statistics about its usage can be found here.

In French, some explanations of Belenios

Privacy and security documentations

Two other documents present a security analysis from two perspectives.

  • According to the GDPR, the Belenios platform and its developers are subcontractors of the election administrator, who is herself responsible for the data processing. The detailed description on the management of personal data on Belenios can be found in this document (or here for the French version).
  • Moreover, we present a detailed security analysis (in French only) and how Belenios addresses the requirements of the CNIL, a French regulation organism in charge in particular of e-voting.

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In French, some popularization papers on e-voting